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Sell Us Your Watch.

You can now sell your watch to us and get more money than any other store, carrier or company would pay you


Make sure you are registered on our website so we can generate the label for you to send us the watch if you agree with the price and conditions


How does it work?


1. Make sure your apple watch is not black listed, and it does not have activation lock. We do not purchase reported devices. If you have doubts, you can contact us for more details

2. Select the options that match with your watch, in order to get a price

3. If you agree with the price, Send us a Message or Email, and we will send a confirmation email with the label and details of your request to ship your watch

4. After we receive your watch in our location, we will proceed to test it and confirm all details, and proceed with payment in no more than 3 business days

5. If your watch does not match the specifications you provided to us, we will contact you with a new quote, if you do not agree, we will ship it back to you free of charge




Good: Minor or no details or scratches on screen, frame or back, but it is 100% functional

Fair: Strong physical details, but the watch is still working 100%

Cracked: the watch turn on and works, the screen is still working, but the screen might be cracked or back glass cracked, touch not working.


Any questions, feel free to contact us by message, email or phone!

First Choose your model



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