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Save Money with Cracked Glass Repairs!

This is one kind of repair that many might do not know, but can save you as a business and your customers a lot of money

New devices are very costly, but big part of the cost come from the new OLED used, sometimes over 50% of the phone or wearable cost come from the screen alone

Also screens are the part with highest rate to broke and we must replace them in order the keep using our device

At today prices, for high end devices, change a whole new screen sometimes cost more than just the device cost, that is particular the case of the Apple Watch and other phones. When you crack your crystal, and you try to repair it, the cost sometimes goes even higher than the actual cost of the device

But, did you know that if your screen is cracked, but still functional, there is way to remove and replace the crystal, having your device like new again, but a fraction of the cost?

Well, Yes, we can do those repairs, no matter you are a repair store or a recycle company, or even insurance company looking to offer better service and options to their clients, we can help you to do these repairs at very competitive prices so you and your clients get the best!, and very fast turn around times!

Welcome to contact us if you want to know more about these services


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