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Can a cracked Screen be repaired?

We all love our devices, and when they get cracked or broken we might feel very frustrated and stress, checking how to fix them and what options we have to repair them.

Day by day the technology behind our gadgets, wearables and phones are getting more and more advance, and with that also the price of our devices, and screen replacements, but what if we told you, that there is other options which can work for you?

Getting our new or old device cracked screen is definitively a big issue, and we need to get it solve it soon but at the same time we want our device still work and looks as new at the lowest cost

In mostly all electronics these days, the screens are the most expensive part of the devices, with new technologies, these screens are getting a lot better but a very high cost, mostly of the times, only the screen can cost 50% of the device value and sometimes when we go to repair them we might be paying a very high price for a replacement. No matter is a smartwatch or a phone or computers, it is mostly always the same for all high end products

But good for you and us, as end users to know that when you have a cracked glass only, but with a screen fully functional, you could go for a different kind of repair, just removing the front glass and replacing a new one, but for this, you need to make sure you screen follow down points:

  1. Screen must be fully functional, without black spots, colorful points, or lines (as any of this can not be repaired)

  2. Touch screen sometimes is not necessary to be working, will depend on the device

If you pass before 2 steps, you could be doing this kind of repair. It is not easy but will be cheaper at the same time, you will preserving your original screen panel so you do not have to lose device quality screen

Finally if you can not find anybody who can actually do this kind of service, you can always use mail in services as we do at Vertzpro, but try to not do it by yourself because the damages to your cracked screen smartwatch can be very bad if this repair is not performed right

Hope you enjoy this content and you can subscribe for more coming soon or contact us if you have any questions, doubts or any other topics you would like us to write or share more information.


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